Men three times more likely to brag about professional accomplishments then women

by Jay Bhatti September 21, 2009 Spock Research

In a Spock Research study of 3 million corporate bio pages on the internet, Spock discovered that men were three times more likely to overly boast about their professional accomplishments then their female counterparts. For example, men were 3.15 times more likely to have the words “accomplished”, “responsible for”, “served as” and “led” in their […]

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Spock mentioned along with Facebook and Google in ZDNet

by Jay Bhatti September 21, 2009 News About Jay Bhatti
ZDNet UK - Where technology means business

Spock was mentioned as one of the leading compaines alongside Facebook and Google in ZDNet. Click here to see the article. PDF of  ZDNET Article

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On-Site Optimization for SEO

by Jay Bhatti August 25, 2009 SEO

Create a site with unique, rich content. Ensure that both content and page markup are well-formatted and have no errors. Google will naturally favor bigger brands, and push them to the top of search results. This means that site branding is more important than ever. The ‘keywords’ meta tag is never used by Google for […]

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Google Penalties

by Jay Bhatti August 2, 2009 SEO

These penalties are speculation, and penalty numbers are neither an exact nor a precise measure of the exact ranking change associated with each penalty. A penalty of -N means that a site will drop (approximately) N positions in Google’s returned results, equivalent to falling N/10 pages from the front page. Certainty Description Penalty Potential Solution High Site […]

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Spock mentioned in redOrbit Magazine

by Jay Bhatti July 21, 2009 News About Jay Bhatti

Click here to see that article about Spock and how it is changing the web.

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The Changing Rules of Google SEO

by Jay Bhatti July 8, 2009 SEO

Penalty Type When Detail Actions You Can Take Google Vince Update March 09 A Googler named Vince created this change and hence the name. This is not a penalty, rather an update in Google’s algorithm.  Vince update seems to favor bigger brands and has pushed some of these big name …

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Jay Bhatti Discusses Spock Acquisition on ABC News

by Jay Bhatti June 24, 2009 Jay Bhatti on TV

Jay Bhatti was recently in ABC News talking about the recent sale of to Intelius – Check out the video here

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Spock, Yasni, 123people — Who’s Got the People Search Buzz?

by Jay Bhatti May 22, 2009 Spock News

Over the last half year, the people search crowd have been slugging it out, if our experience at BNET is any indication. Back in October, we had a chat with co-founder Jay Bhatti, at the company’s request, the emphasis being its growing nature. Then during the winter, founder Steffen Rühl wanted a conversation, […]

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Jay Bhatti Interviewed By Media Post About Microsoft Kumo

by Jay Bhatti May 21, 2009 News About Jay Bhatti

Microsoft ‘Kumo’ Hot On Paid, Multimedia, Semantic Search by Laurie Sullivan, Thursday, May 21, 2009, 5:58 PM     –     PDF | Link As Microsoft readies the release of Kumo, some industry insiders wonder if new features in the Redmond, Wash. company’s long-anticipated search engine will come a little too late. Yahoo Thursday unveiled the Smart […]

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Venture Beat reports that Intelius buys Spock, the people search engine

by Jay Bhatti April 30, 2009 Spock News

Intelius, a company that performs background checks on people, has acquired Spock, a people search engine, for an undisclosed amount. The deal was signed today, VentureBeat just confirmed with Spock’s co-founder Jaideep Singh. Unconfirmed rumors of the deal first appeared yesterday on Techcrunch. Click Here to read more

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Interview with Co-Founder of, JayBhatti

by Jay Bhatti April 29, 2009 News About Jay Bhatti

Jay Bhatti is co-founder of and wait… I’ll let Spock tell you about him as that is what it does best. I asked Jay some questions about Spock, where the online advertising industry is going and the technology sector sentiment and success factors for the “where now and how”. See my interview below and […]

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Jay Bhatti in E-Commerce Times about Yahoo’s New CEO

by Jay Bhatti April 22, 2009 News About Jay Bhatti

Jay Bhatti was quoted by the E-Commerce Times about his thoughts on the Yahoo quarterly earnings call. Yahoo (Nasdaq: YHOO) announced Wednesday that first-quarter earnings fell by nearly 80 percent and that it will cut 675 jobs as CEO Carol Bartz struggles to revive the ailing Internet company. The news was not generally jeered by […]

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Off Site Optimization for SEO: Link Building

by Jay Bhatti March 23, 2009 SEO

Link and backlink quality matters more than link quantity. Site quality is determined by Google’s PageRank (see below). Abrupt changes in link/backlink count can actually damage a site’s PageRank. Excessive linking between two websites can damage the PageRank of both websites. Backlinks that look ‘generated’ (as if the site were involved in a link farming […]

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Spock unveils ‘People Search’ for iPhone

by Jay Bhatti February 2, 2009 Spock News

‘People Search’ is the first and only People Search application on the iPhone. ‘People Search’ lets you find the people that you are interested in. Who are you looking for on the web? * Your friends? * People with similar interests? * Celebrities? * Your favorite musician / author / sports star? * The team […]

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In Search of…People You Know – Jay Bhatti Discusses Spock with Mike Moran

by Jay Bhatti January 6, 2009 News About Jay Bhatti

Years ago, Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Spock on the classic Star Trek series, hosted a TV show called In Search of…, where he explored a different subject each week. Today, we’ll be looking at a different Spock, but one still in search of things—, the people search engine. I had to chance to […]

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