Spock, Yasni, 123people — Who’s Got the People Search Buzz?

Over the last half year, the people search crowd have been slugging it out, if our experience at BNET is any indication. Back in October, we had a chat with Spock.com co-founder Jay Bhatti, at the company’s request, the emphasis being its growing nature. Then during the winter, Yasni.com founder Steffen Rühl wanted a conversation, also to discuss the company’s growth — or, as I found from looking at the data, growth still waiting to happen. Now 123people.com has asked for a conversation, citing statistics that show it the leader. However, when I checked the referenced sources, the numbers came to only a fraction of what the company claimed…

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Spock unveils ‘People Search’ for iPhone

‘People Search’ is the first and only People Search application on the iPhone. ‘People Search’ lets you find the people that you are interested in.

Who are you looking for on the web?
* Your friends?
* People with similar interests?
* Celebrities?
* Your favorite musician / author / sports star?
* The team behind your favorite company?
* Employees of the company that you are interested in?
* Professionals of a particular domain?

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Review of the Year 2008 and Trends Watch

Paula Hane of Information Today Inc reviews the top tech trends of 2008 and gives a sneak peak at 2009.

The recession dominates our thoughts, of course …

It’s hard not to be discouraged when we see the belt-tightening going on across all sectors in reaction to the tough economic conditions—cost cutting, layoffs, closures, loss of advertising, scaled back growth plans, etc. … But we’re a tough and resilient lot. Things are bound to improve. And, as one of my more optimistic-minded colleagues pointed out, the tough times forced his company to re-examine how it was doing things and to implement some cost-cutting changes that should have been made earlier.

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Intelligent Enterprise Praises Spock in Review of Spoke.com

Seth Grimes of Information Enterprise reviews people search engine Spoke, giving praise to Spock.

“If you want to keep your job, use Spoke,” advises recent e-mail from the folks behind “the fastest growing and most up-to-date business network in the U.S.” Sounds like something to look into — social / people networks are one of the most important BI assets to have emerged in recent years — and I figured I owe Spoke another chance after panning it back in 2004. Grading according to the same accuracy, completeness, quality, usefulness, and usability standards I’d apply to other BI tools, I’m afraid I’d give Spoke a low C. Here’s why.

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Spock.com Taps Text Analytics

Seth Grimes of Intelligent Enterprise interviews Spock’s Andrew Borthwick.

Spock is a people-search engine, currently in beta release. The company uses “a combination of search-engine technologies and user edits to aggregate the world’s people information and make it searchable.” Think Google meets LinkedIn: Web search with accuracy boosted by allowing individuals to claim, augment, and correct information about themselves. (See the screenshot below, right.)

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Spock.com Identified as Awesome Semantic App for Educators

Matchacollege.com names Spock as one of its 50 best semantic apps for educators.

The semantic web has been touted as the next great frontier on the Internet. Teaching computers to understand how the human brain categorizes and thinks is at the heart of this concept and promises to open the doors to easier and more efficient access to information on the Internet.

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Job Search Tips for a Difficult Job Market

Alison Doyle of About.com questions Jay Bhatti on advice on finding a job in this difficult environment.

What can you do to expedite your job search in a difficult job market? Do you need help or do you have to tips to share?

Here’s advice on how to ensure your job search is effective in challenging times and here’s how to include your job search tips on the list.

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Did the Tech Bubble Create This Mess?

Blogs.com takes a look at the role that Tech companies have played in the current economic situation.

Did the Internet bubble of the late 1990s create today’s Wall Street meltdown? How badly will the payback hurt the tech industry? And how do you melt a bubble? Dartmouth professor John Vogel tells Beet.tv yes, the tech implosion started it, alrighty (it was that damned sock puppet!).

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