Why WPEngine Is My New Favorite Hosting Provider and You Should Never use 1and1

In my career, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest companies in the world. From brands like Exxon to Dell, I have built and hosted wordpress sites that need to be highly secure, highly scalable and very reliable.

Last year, due to the failures of 1and1 (where I had hosted many sites), I had to find another provider.  For many years, 1and1 was a good option. They were affordable, easy to setup and had decent support.  But like many tech firms, they fell behind the times.  Their support got worse, their systems did not keep up with the latest technologies and worst of all, they did not take the steps needed to keep up.  I know this cycle too well.  I even gave a TED talk on how the topic that you can watch here:

The final straw for me was when my sites all crashed at once and 1and1 could not figure out why.  They tried their best to blame me.  Yet, when they realized it was their fault because they had my sites were on some older servers, they said they would escalate the issues to the highest levels possible, yet I actually never heard back from them!  After this, I decided I needed to divorce 1and1.

GoDaddy and other providers proved to be similar to 1and1 in that they were trying to use old systems to host new tech.   I decided I needed to really find the best wordpress host out there.

After testing nearly 10 vendors, I found WPENGINE to be the best one by a mile.

Here are the reasons why:

1 – They only do wordpress hosting.  So they know it inside and out.  In fact, they have a plugin that makes migrating your sites from any other hoster a simple matter of just clicking one button. Imagine that, one click and your done with an entire site migration.

2 – Their support is awesome.  I can reach a live person by chat or phone within minutes usually.  Every support person I spoke with knew their tech

3 – They act as your systems admin.  If your site gets hacked or infected with a virus while on WPENGINE, they will take care of it.  This alone is worth its weight in gold.  As wordpress becomes the defacto standard in CMS, more viruses and hacks will happen to it.

4 – They auto upgrade you to the latest versions and will auto remove plugins that have known holes in them that can be exploited for hacking.

5 – WPENGINE can scale to meet any need.  Given that they use AWS and Google Cloud and their foundation, they can meet any traffic demand.

The extra I pay for WPENGINE is more than made up by the above savings.

In fact, I have moved some of the sites used by the biggest companies in the world over to WPEngine.  That is how confident I am in their system.

If you want to make the switch and get 20% off your entire first year, click the link below:


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