In Search of…People You Know – Jay Bhatti Discusses Spock with Mike Moran

Years ago, Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Spock on the classic Star Trek series, hosted a TV show called In Search of…, where he explored a different subject each week. Today, we’ll be looking at a different Spock, but one still in search of things—, the people search engine. I had to chance to interview Jay Bhatti, Co-Founder and Vice President of, and am happy to share his answers.

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Review of the Year 2008 and Trends Watch

Paula Hane of Information Today Inc reviews the top tech trends of 2008 and gives a sneak peak at 2009.

The recession dominates our thoughts, of course …

It’s hard not to be discouraged when we see the belt-tightening going on across all sectors in reaction to the tough economic conditions—cost cutting, layoffs, closures, loss of advertising, scaled back growth plans, etc. … But we’re a tough and resilient lot. Things are bound to improve. And, as one of my more optimistic-minded colleagues pointed out, the tough times forced his company to re-examine how it was doing things and to implement some cost-cutting changes that should have been made earlier.

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