McCain and Palin Leading in Search

While the current economic mess has led to a down fall for a number of industries, interest in this year’s election has never been higher. CNN recently reported that over the past three months an additional 3.5 million people had registered to vote, and that voter registration was up 64% in 21 states (in comparison to 2004). Though initial findings have found that Democrats are benefiting more from the surge in voter registration, search figures have indicated that people tend to be more interested in looking up information on John McCain and Sarah Palin than Barack Obama andJoe Biden.

Among people searches on Spock over the past month, McCain and Palin generated 9 times as many searches as Obama and Biden. Though Obama has been able to maintain a steady search index on Spock over the past 6 months, people searches surrounding Joe Biden have been remarkably low, generating just 3% of the traffic that McCain and Palin have had.

This trend was found on Google as well, where the top searched terms for the past 30 days saw Palin featured over 50 times, and McCain 47 times. Over the same span, Obama and Biden had a collective 56 top searches terms. While some of this is certainly attributed to Sarah Palin’s recent appearance on Saturday Night Live, even on the night of the VP debate she managed nearly three times as much search volume as Joe Biden.

What’s surprising about McCain and Palin’s recent search activity, is that Obama continues to maintain a somewhat sizable advantage in terms of media coverage. Over the past three months, Obama has been featured in on average 10,000 more news stories than McCain, and over 250,000 more blog entries.

Unfortunately for McCain and Palin, their additional search interest may not translate into more votes. A Gallup Media Poll, recently reported that Obama had made up ground on McCain among men, those with less formal education, and middle-aged voters. Obama’s gain among middle aged voters may prove particularly damaging, given that the election will likely be decided by people ages 30-59.

Having just two weeks left till November 4th, both candidates will be aggressively pushing their agendas. While a number of pundits are predicting an Obama landslide victory, if the search figures are any indication, a number of people aren’t quite ready to dismiss McCain.

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