Spock Releases Largest Real Estate Agent Directory

Buying a house or piece of real estate is often times one of the most important decisions a person will ever make. Given a variety of factors involved in picking the right place, choosing the right Realtor is the first step in starting out the process right. A good Realtor can help you gain access to new locations, negotiate a better price, and offer sound financial advice on owning property.

Despite a struggling economy where Realtor’s are willing to concede more and compete for your commission, finding the right agent can still be difficult. Pat Rioux of ListForLess.com told the Wall Street Journal, “To find good agents, you can’t pick up Consumer Reports and find their names.”

Spock, the world’s premier people search, has helped take away some of the mystery in finding a good Realtor. By indexing over 1.4 million Realtors, Spock has created the most extensive Real Estate directory on the Web. Along with the ability to search on Spock for any Real Estate Agent via name, e-mail, or tag, Spock’s new Real Estate Directory enables you to easily search via city and town.

With the ability to negotiate a lower commission and get more out of a Realtor, use Spock’s Real Estate Directory to find your perfect agent.

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