World Records on Spock

Dwight Yoakam, the country singer and actor, added another accolade to his career, when he broke the record for most musical performances on the Tonight Show. Making his 24th appearance on the show, the actor from Sling Blade and Wedding Crashers, first performed on the show in 1986 when it was still hosted by Johnny Carson. Having released the album “Dwight Sings Buck”, a tribute to Buck Owens, Yoakam had been tied with Lyle Lovett for most musical appearances.

Inspired to find out about other record holders, a Spock people search for Guinness Book of World Records returns everything from Randy Gardner (most consecutive days without sleeping) to Rosalie Bradford (biggest weight loss). With over 44,000 World Records, the Guinness Book of World Records coincidentally holds the record for best-selling copyrighted book.

With International Guinness World Records day on November 9th, check out Spock today to see if their are any records you might be able to break.

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