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In many ways the term blogger is now synonymous with journalist or author. While the title blogger doesn’t quite have the same ring as author or news columnist, in many ways a blogger is just as credible to the public, and is exposed to a wider audience. With the advent of online publications, the real difference between Peter Kings Sports Illustrated column and Perez Hilton‘s daily thoughts on celebrity mishaps is thatPerez instantly displays feedback. Perez Hilton, who is arguably the most famous celebrity blogger, is part of an elite network of bloggers who have gained fame through publishing on the Internet. Using Technorati’s list of the top 100 blogs, and several other sites, Spock looked into who the most popular blogs and bloggers are.

An initial assessment showed that a majority, and in the case of Technorati, 62% of the top blogs were technology related. Breaking down Technorati’s list further showed 35% fell under the category of a traditional blog, which discussed several different topics and had a mixture of rants, reviews, photos, etc. The other key demographics were news blogs which made up 15%, celebrity news at a surprisingly low 7%, and social networking blogs filled out the remaining 5%. Among Technorati’s top 10 blogs, seven were collaborative sites, leaving Michael Arrington,Arianna Huffington, and Beppe Grillo as the blogs in the top 10 maintained by one figure. Overall the top five blogs were TechcrunchThe Huffington PostEngadgetGizmodo, and Ars Technica.

Categorically, the top news blogger was Arianna Huffington, for technology Michael Arrington, for celebrities Perez Hilton, and “traditional blogger” was Beppe Grillo. Despite their name recognition, searching and ranking the top bloggers was difficult in the sense that a people searchfor celebrity blogger on Google isn’t likely to lead you to Perez Hilton’s site. Spock, which has links to millions of people with blogs, is one of the few sites that can easily search people and connect you to their blogs. In searching on Spock, due to the tagging system, the term blogger and another tag was more likely to return top bloggers such as Robert Scoble, or Seth Godin, than blogging sites such as blogger or wordpress

With the Pew Internet & American Life Project predicting that 39% of US internet users regularly blogging, it’s likely that competition for blog notoriety and monitization of blogs will increase. Because of that fact, sites such as Spock and other news aggregating sites will become necessary for bloggers to build up their reader base.

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