Popular Phrases After A Name on the Web

99.20% of the time, the phrase right after someone’s name on the web is in a professional context.

Ever wonder what people say about themselves right after their name on the web.  You know what we mean, go to a corporate bio page or “about us” page on the web and we see something like “John Smith is the founder and CEO

Spock.com looked at over 1 million corporate bio pages and came up with  what phrases people say immediatly after their name.

Surprisingly, the term “is a member of the” is the most popular. It occurs 1.15% of the time after someone’s name.  While 99.12% of the phrases that occur after someone’s name are professional, the second more popular phrase on the web is actually personal in tone – the term “was born and raised” is a close second with a .8% probablity of occuring after someone’s name.

The rest of the terms that appear on people after their name are pretty professional terms that each account for less then .7% in terms of frequency of occurance.

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