Political Contributions now on Spock

We just uploaded political contributions to Spock. What does this mean? Well, anyone on Spock who has donated money to a political campaign is now tagged as a supporter of that campaign. For example, if someone donated money to Rudy Giuliani, they would be tagged as “Rudolph W Giuliani supporter” .
You can check out the search here: http://www.spock.com/q/Rudolph-W-Giuliani-supporter

People are also tagged with the party they donated to. For example: http://www.spock.com/q/Democratic-Party-contributor

We have presidential candidates, as well as local politicians. Let us know if you find anything interesting! I thought that it was interesting to see who our CEOs support: http://www.spock.com/q/CEO-supporter


Spock is pleased to announce the release of Spock Power, an algorithm that rewards loyal Spock users and prevents spam.  Spock Power determines how much influence you have on Spock each time you vote or add a tag, image, link, or relationship. The more power you have, the greater your ability to influence the results on Spock.

Every Spock user begins with a Spock Power of 1.  As you add and vote on information on Spock, your Spock Power will increase.  Our algorithm calculates your Spock Power, in part, from the information you add and how other Spock users vote on that information.

If the information you add is not valuable or accurate, or is frequently voted down by valued Spock users, your Spock Power will decrease.  If your Spock Power decreases to 0, your prior votes on Spock will be removed and you will not be able to add information to Spock until you change your behavior by voting accurately and correctly.  Thus, some of the good votes you do when your Spock Power is 0 will not show up in the search, but will help us determine that you are doing good behavior and to increase your power.

How Do I Increase My Spock Power?

1. Add factual and relevant information about other people on Spock
2. Create a factual and complete search result of yourself, including tags, pictures, relationships, and links.
3. Vote accurately on information on Spock
4. Flag items you find that are not consistent with the Spirit of Spock

How does Spock Power affect Tags?

Tags and other information are shown if they have a positive score.  Tags are removed if their score is negative.  This means that if you vote down a tag that a user with a higher Spock Power added, it may not be removed.  However, you do have much more power over your own search result on Spock.

The Leaderboard contains the users on Spock with the highest Spock Power, and is updated nightly.

Photo Attribution

You might have noticed the recent changes to how pictures are uploaded and displayed on Spock. We are currently working with several photographers to ensure pictures on Spock are fairly credited to the person who took the photo.  We are implementing these changes based on their recommendations.

Current Attribution

  • Spock always links back to the source of a photograph. We include the Spock search result of who uploaded the photo, and, if uploaded from the Internet, the original URL of the uploaded photo.
  • Every Spock user agrees to the following statement every time they upload a new picture:By adding this photo, I, {user name}, certify that I have the right to distribute this photo and that it does not violate Spock’s Terms of Service.
  • Attribution was added to the main Spock search result page, and can now be viewed by clicking the magnifying glass over any picture.We’ve improved over our previous layout, which required users to go to the Pictures section of a search result in order to view attribution.

In Development

  • Spock is working on a feature that will allow photographers to claim pictures that they have taken. This feature may take some time to develop, as necessary in order to prevent spam.
  • We’re making attribution text larger and more prominent.

We’d love to hear any feedback you have on how to make our picture process as fair as possible. Please leave any suggestions you may have below, and we’ll try to incorporate them into new versions of Spock.