LaunchPad: Spock hopes to give people what they are searching for

Blodgett Communications and LaunchPad takes a closer look at Spock:’s PR strategy has been to demonstrate the product to traditional and non-traditional media. ‘Searching for people is one of the most important applications on the Web,’ Blodgett said. ‘However, the user experience is highly fragmented today.’ The product demos are meant to show how solves these glitches. It is a search engine focused on people and its results display a summary of the person’s publicly available information, including occupation, interests, age, marital status, and a photo.

TOOLS: Outreach has involved demonstrating the strength of the product, Blodgett said. Prior to launch, Spock offered a private beta that was accessible through invitation only. During this phase, it reached out to early adopters, bloggers, and influencers. Leading up to its public beta launch, Spock targeted more mainstream business and tech press. Stories have appeared in BusinessWeek, Time, CNET, the AP, and several blogs, she added. Future outreach will target the consumer and business media, online sites, and blogs. ‘We’re not actually tying our public launch to a specific event because we don’t need to,’ Blodgett explained. ‘We’ve built such heightened awareness that people are ready to get in there.’

MEASUREMENT: The company will measure its success based on the number of users who use Spock, rather than other engines.

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