Did you know? Spock’s a Search Engine!!

In case you’re not familiar, this is Spock’s homepage:

Spock Home Page

Spock is a search engine that focuses its results on people. You can enter your query into the empty text field on the top of the home page, and click search to find people.

Spock basic search is able and willing to search using three different types of information:

  • Name: When searching by names, you can search by first, last, or full name. For example, “Fred Thompson“, “Prince William of Wales“, and “Lawson” can be used to find people on Spock.
  • E-mail Address: Searching by e-mail address is relatively straight forward. Just enter an e-mail address in the search bar, and if it’s in Spock’s omnipotent database, the corresponding profile will be returned.
  • TagTags are words or short phrases that describe a person, like “libertarian” or “fighter pilot”. Cool searches can alway be found on thehome page or here.

Look for more on using Spock’s advanced search later!

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