Why Spock is Needed

I’m curious, so I love to know what other people are searching for. That’s why I like Google Trends, which shows the top searches of the day.Google describes it, “With Hot Trends, you can see a snapshot of what’s on the public’s collective mind by viewing the fastest-rising searches for different points of time. You can see a list of the current top 100 fastest rising search queries in the U.S.”

The top 10 searches this morning on June 8, 2007, are shown below:

Google Trends

As you can see, 6 of the top 10 searches, including the number 1 search, are for people!

  • #1. Joel Zellmer
  • #4. Writer Leshan
  • #5. Sandra Denton
  • #6. First Russian Orthodox Saint
  • #8. Actor Dullea
  • #10. folk singer Kottke

Let’s see if we can find them on Spock! Because Spock profiles contain tags, Spock excels at finding people with queries that contain descriptions, like “folk singer Kottke” or just queries without names, like “first Russian Orthodox Saint”.

The first Russian Orthodox saint looks interesting, so I’m going to do some investigating. Here’s Google’s result for “first Russian Orthodox Saint”. Hmm… there’s lots of results (over a million in fact!), but I wonder how relevant they are. Looking at the first page, none of the results contain anything about the first Russian Orthodox Saint. I don’t even know who it is, so it’s hard to look.

I think it’s time to check Spock. Ok, it looks like the first Russian Orthodox Saint was Princess Olga of Kiev.Saint Olga’s Profile Page

Wow – her name is not on Google’s first page of results, nor the second page, nor the third page… well, I got tired of looking at Google.

If you search Spock for “Russian Orthodox Saint”, you get a list of Russian Orthodox Saints. Well, shouldn’t that be expected? Personally, I like a search engine that gives me what I ask for.

Why don’t you check out Spock’s other results for the top Google Searches, like Sandra Denton?

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