Interesting Searches: Steve Jobs to… Steve Jobs?

I did a search for Steve Jobs today. One of his tags is “software magnate“. I wanted to see if he was most relevant result for Software Magnate. Turns out, it’s not Steve Jobs, nor is it Bill Gates. The number one result is Larry Page, one of the Google co-founders.
Software Magnate Search Results

Other results include the founders of Yahoo!, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems.

According to Spock, Google is pretty important in the software world, so I kept exploring, searching for Google employee. First result is the CEO,Eric E. Schmidt. Did you know that he is a hobbyist aviator? So are John TravoltaJohn Kerry, and Harrison Ford. John Travolta is also aScientologist, just like Katie Holmes. She’s one of People Magazine’s Celebrity 100, along with Josh Hartnett, who is from San Francisco… just like Steve Jobs.

Thanks for following along with my explorations through Spock!

(Are you a bit sore that Bill Gates is ranked ahead of Steve Jobs for “Software Magnate”? Remember, the rankings are determined by your votes, so make sure to vote on tags!)

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