Interesting Searches: Jessica Cutler to Kobe Bryant

I noticed¬†Jessica Cutler was on the home page of Spock this morning. She recently¬†filed for bankruptcy, so I added the tag “bankrupt”.

Jessica Cutler

Her top tag is “scandal“. Wow – Spock has 288 results! Let’s narrow it down a little bit. Searching for “sex scandal” shows 73 people. The front page includes Bill Clinton, Mark Foley, Bill O’Reilly, Monica Lewinski, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, and Kobe Bryant.¬†Check it out yourself! If you don’t think Bill Clinton should be the first result, or if you think Jessica Cutler should be ranked higher, go vote on their tags!

Sex Scandal Search Results

Have you found any interesting searches or people on Spock? Let us know!

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