New Search Engine, SPOCK to “Live Long and Prosper?”

Amit Chowdhry | Wednesday November 1, 2006 | PDF | Link To Article

Is the upcoming search engineSPOCK expected to “live long and prosper?” Clearstone Venture Partners thinks so because they put $1 million of incubation funds into SPOCK.

According to VentureBeat, SPOCK is expecting to take on Google head-on as the preferred search engine of choice. “When SPOCK launches, it will have 100 million profiles of people in its database, by far the largest open repository of profiles anywhere. SPOCK delivers a mixture of facts and research on a people, but also opens a profile to social input, giving it a touch of Wikipedia” stated Matt Marshall of VentureBeat. “SPOCK, however, exploits all the latest tagging technology and the exploding number of public profiles on the Web since social network sites like MySpace became popular last year.”

Once you search for certain subjects, SPOCK has a more organized fashion of displaying results. For example if you search for “actress,” SPOCK reveals relevant tags to its results on why that result was chosen. The example VentureBeat provided was that if you search for “actress” then the first result would be actress Felicity Huffman. And below that result, it states tags, “Oscar nominee for best actress” and “Desparate Housewives.” Tag font sizes vary based on popularity.

SPOCK has 15 employees (7 in Menlo Park, 2 in India, and 6 other part-timers). The co-founders of SPOCK are Jaideep Singh and Jay Bhatti. Jaideep is a former VC at Clearstone and Jay is a former employee at Microsoft. Clearstone has also invested into,, Overture, and PayPal.

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